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Tournament Specific Rules (in addition to normal rules)

Regulation K - Tournament Rules
1. Pitcher innings - 6 innings for the entire tournament per pitcher, 3 innings per game for 8U and 10U, 4 innings per game for 12U and 14U.  Each pitcher will get an additional inning (to their total) in the championship game.
2. 15 run difference rule after 3 innings, 10 run rule after 4 innings.
3. $50 protest fee - Tournament Director/Board of Directors shall have final decision on all tournament rules and interpretations.  If protest is upheld then the $50 fee will be returned.
4. Tournament games cannot end in a tie except to be postponed by inclement weather, issues of player safety or "11:00pm Lights Out Policy"
5. Tie-breaker: "california Tie Breaker" - at the beginning of each team's at-bat, the last batter(out) from the previous inning is placed on 2nd base.  Each team has the opportunity to bat each inning.  The game ends when one team is ahead at the end of an inning.
6. Championship Game- ALL six innings played, NO mercy rules or time limits.

Regulation L - Game Protests
Protest Fee: $50 cash (on rule interpretation only)

2016 LBA Danny Juarez Memorial Rec Tournament Brackets

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